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♥ Daddy buying his 1st car

Drive drive MX-5.

While waiting~

♥ CNY 2010


外婆 playing the small Chip 'n' Dale with me.

Great grandparents (太公&太妈).

♥ My Third Haircut on 5/2/2010
Went to Vivo City for a haircut.

This is my new haircut~

Changing to clean clothes.

My new outfit. (Small little tiger~!)

♥ Pictures Just before Haircut 1/2/10 - 4/2/10

Hmm.. Being kidnapped by who?? Its Triumph~

While waiting Daddy to finish his test.

At Ngee Ann City 'gai gai'.

Pull 姑姑 hair again.

Playing in the car with 小姑姑.

♥ Play Time =D

Playing with CNY decorations.

Lion Dance.. Haha

Huh?? Eh~

Gold on the floor? Hmm~

Bleah~ Hey~


Ooo~ Hey i wan my food!!