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♥ April 2010

Cutie cutie~~

Concentrating on Daddy nipple! Wanna bite liao. Haha~

Riding on a cow!

Wants to open the menu and order foods to eat? Hehex

♥ March 2010
Sorry for so so long never update. Haha. Im so lazy to update at the past few weeks or months. Lolx. Alrite, don't talk so much. Let's see photos!

Do i look like riding horse??

Salesman introducing the baby car seat.

Ring ring~ Hellooo..

Handsome?? Hehex

First time sit on this car seat. Zzzzz~

Look like a sun tanning hamster.

I'm like a celebrity star! So many ^^reporters^^ taking photos. Hahas...

♥ Assorted pictures

Pull 姑姑 mouth !

Assorted poses.

Carry Carry~

Sit sit..